Hello September!

I can’t believe you’re here. This marks the fastest flying summer that I can remember. Is this what happens when you have kids? It really feels like it was JUST June.  Too much fun, I guess. But I sort of like September. I like getting back into routines, the earlier bedtimes, catching up around the house, and, hopefully, getting back into a good workout schedule (who wants to be in the gym during the summer anyway?). I like starting to think about Halloween. Too soon? Sorry. J keeps asking about Christmas and Santa, so I think I’m taking it pretty easy in comparison. I like thinking about soup trades and crock pot nights and cozy sweaters. Another thing that I’m excited to do this September (and throughout the year) is some homeschooling with J. I picked up a Pre K learning book for her the other day and she is moving through it like nobody’s business – she loves it! That and puzzles seem to be the new thing around here,  J really digs them and, what’s better, they occupy just the right amount of time, allowing me get dinner underway. Somehow this makes me feel better than her watching T.V. – which she does do, but it’s limited most days. Other days, I wonder how Parents made it through life without PVR. Ha.

IMG_9420 Happy Monday, everyone, and Happy September!

* photo taken in her ‘besties’ room.


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