Skunk Party

IMG_9834IMG_0045IMG_9805IMG_9882IMG_9822IMG_9856IMG_9862IMG_9847IMG_9836IMG_9818IMG_0025IMG_0038IMG_9947IMG_9933IMG_9929IMG_9967IMG_9962IMG_9861IMG_9778IMG_9774 A few weeks ago, we celebrated Thing Two’s 4th birthday. First things first: this party did not stink. Au contraire – this Pepe le pew inspired celebration was nothing short of delightful, thanks to two hardworking and talented parents. From the homemade Ombré Skunk cake, to the Skunk Piñata (also homemade, by the way), it was, without a doubt, everything that their skunk obsessed four-year old was looking for. I am actually kind of impressed at how long this stinky little obsession has lasted…looking back at these photos it would appear that it’s been nearly a year! Keep up the good work, little skunk! xo


6 thoughts on “Skunk Party

  1. So sweet. Yes, I knew about and admire the talent of the parents in the cake department but was just about to ask where they found the skunk piñata or whether that too was made by them. Black and white balloons are also a great touch. The photographer also captured the essence of the party beautifully!

  2. The photographer was amazing! Thank you thank you! I like the photos you chose. I don’t think I posted all of these ones, so I’m going to go back in my emails and make sure I save them all. Can’t wait for J’s big 4th birthday 🙂 !!!

    1. After last year’s cake the bar is set pretty high, I might need to convince you to be our cake maker once again next year…maybe I can get in on the action and take some lessons from you and D! xo

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