The Flower Girl and the Heron Egg

Here’s a little series of photos I took way back in May. May! Not sure how September snuck up so quickly, but the weather we are having right now kind of reminds me of May: warm, but not too warm, refreshing breezes and earlier sunsets. Love it! Anyway, enough about this (finally!) fabulous weather. These are photos of J in her little flower girl dress the night that we brought it home for her (I didn’t want to post them before the wedding). She tried it on and, naturally, didn’t want to take it off – can you blame her? I was so worried that she would stain it. But she was over the moon with her outfit and I didn’t have the heart to make her take it off. So out we went for a walk in her flower girl dress. We found a heron egg, a few nice flowers, and a beautiful sunset. She was in her own little three-year old world, so unaware of her camera happy mother trailing behind her. A fun night for us both.



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