The AppleBarn Pumpkin Farm

IMG_1602Last week we took a girls’ trip to the AppleBarn in Abbotsford. It felt good to get out of the city for a little bit and drive down roads with very few traffic lights. The little girls were excited and the volume in the car on the way there was pretty intense (with a three-year old and four-year old competing to be heard and several different renditions of twinkle twinkle on repeat). But after a quick donut pit-stop and a couple of wrong turns…we made it. And we really couldn’t have ordered up nicer weather. I wore a sweater and was wishing that I had a t-shirt – it was really hard to tell that fall was right around the corner…except all those pumpkins.

IMG_1611 Since it was a weekday it was crowd-free. We strolled in past the empty ticket booth, eventually we found our way to the store to pay admission but it was cool that we had the place to ourselves aside from one other family. 

IMG_1605 I didn’t realize until we arrived that it was an apple AND pumpkin farm – a little bonus and a bit of a oh, right, Halloween-is-coming kind of moment…where did the summer go again? The warm weather and pumpkin combo was a new thing for me, but they had a stunning selection of pumpkins, including my new favourite, the Full Moon Pumpkin. As you might well guess, they were big. And white.

IMG_1665IMG_1668IMG_1645We took a fun hayride through the orchard so we could scope out the picking situation. On another note, do you know how hard it is to get a picture of four people together with a) eyes open b) tongues in their mouths (aka my daughter) or c) eyes not crossed? I have this strange recollection of family photos taking FOREVER. Now I know why. The poor woman (the tractor driver) who took this photo also took several more. Then she gave up.

IMG_1715IMG_1736IMG_1658IMG_1637IMG_1629I think this thing is called a bouncing pillow. It was huge and apparently maxes out at thirty kids. Thirty! Uh, no thanks. Yet another reason to hit up the farm during the week!

IMG_1632Once a dancer, always a dancer. That just looks painful to me. I think I need more yoga in my life.

IMG_1624See the llamas in the background? Nothing like saying llama and having a four-year old correct you on the pronunciation. We teach them for a few years, then they start teaching us. Thanks, Ari!

IMG_1619We said hello to the goats, the bunnies, and the pigs. Pony rides were also available, but only on the weekend. This might have posed a small problem except that J told me, in no uncertain terms, that she was not interested in a pony ride.

IMG_1618IMG_1701IMG_1615IMG_1699IMG_1680The goat in the trees was a big hit with the little girls.

IMG_1684IMG_1738A few apple varieties were ready to be picked. We grabbed mostly honeycrisp apples. The name really says all you need to know – they are so, so good! Oh, and, by the way, they make good bobbing apples. That’s how crazy we get on a Friday night these days…(: woop woop!

IMG_1724Sucking on a honey stick, picking a honey crisp. This is serious business.

IMG_1718IMG_1731IMG_1735IMG_1612IMG_1750We each grabbed 5 pounds of apples. I planned to make applesauce but these apples are so tasty that I can’t stop snacking on them. We’ll see what happens in the coming days…

IMG_1751IMG_1749We timed it so that we were leaving the farm right around naptime. Translation: the nicest, most peaceful car ride home for the Moms. It’s almost like we knew what we were doing!

Hope your fall is off to a great start!


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