IMG_1869IMG_1856IMG_1858IMG_1864IMG_1859IMG_1887IMG_1891J and I just spent a fun few days in Terrace visiting with my parents. While I think that J would have been happy to never leave my parents and just play with all their toys, books, and, above all, animals, we agreed that bowling would be a fun thing to do on a soggy day. I can’t actually remember the last time that I went bowling (but my skills would suggest that perhaps it’s been quite some time – and I did somehow pull a muscle), but it was a bit of a hoot. My Dad was killing it. Or at least it would appear that way compared to amount of gutter balls my mom and I managed to clock. J was sort of into it at first and then decided that eating popcorn and playing an app on my phone was a better idea. Fair enough, but we will be giving this a go again in the future. I mean, Vancouver rainy season is right around the corner. Okay, it’s here. And we can’t spend every day at the aquarium, can we? So, who’s in for some bowling? And Dad, watch out, I think our next visit may call for a rematch…xo


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