Little Monkeys

IMG_1983IMG_1995IMG_1988IMG_1990IMG_1991IMG_1997IMG_2011IMG_2013IMG_2021IMG_2025IMG_2023IMG_1985These two were determined to go play at the park with these monkeys tied around their necks. I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no, so next thing you know, I’m rolling with a posse of Monkeys.

It’s a bit crazy how much these little monkey girls have grown, both physically and intellectually. Also, how independent and sassy they have become. Okay, maybe they were always sassy. But when we used to have playdates it was all about me creating something fun or entertaining for them. Now they do that mostly on their own. It’s a bit weird and fantastic at the same time. I find myself in awe of their wild imaginations and also wondering this classic parent cliché – where did the time go?  I mean, check out these little ones. Wasn’t that just yesterday?!


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