Halloween on the Brain

 There are so many things that I want to do this October, how is it mid-month already?! Pumpkin soup is a must, and after talking to great Grandma the other day I am also craving pumpkin muffins. Last year, one of my friends brought us pumpkin donuts, which were nothing short of amazing. If they were to show up again this year I would be really okay with that (hint, hint, nudge).

And crafts, where do you start with that one? We’ve done our countdown to Halloween chain (seems like we do a chain a month these days since we’re always counting down something). We’ve made a few standard cut-out ghosts and pumpkins. Also, I bought J  a bucket that says “boo”. I told her it was her “Boo Bucket”. She was really, really excited about it (go figure) and filled it with a bat and some ghost finger puppets – Sometimes the dollar store packs a big punch, thanks, Dollarama. But what I would love, love, love to try are those amazing Ghost Piñatas (pictured above) – don’t you just love them? Find out how to make them on this fun blog.

Other fun Halloween must-dos: The Pumpkin Patch (of course!) (here’s a few from our trip last year) and maybe the Stanley Park Ghost train. We decided that it was too scary last year, but J seems game for it this year and I hear it’s a goodie.

After watching my talented friend make amazing costumes for her daughter two years in a row, I secretly thought about trying to make J her costume this year. Ha. Then I called Old Navy and will be taking a trip there this week. J wants to be Ariel. As in the Little Mermaid.  Not sure how that is going to work in what will likely be a cold and damp Vancouver night, but I’m willing to go with it. With all the layers that it will take to keep that kid warm, she might take on more of an Ursula shape…but we’ll love her anyway. Last week, she wanted to be a Batman Ballerina, who knows what she will want to be when she wakes up tomorrow morning…

Have a great week!

* images above sourced via Pinterest


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