Monster Mash

IMG_2425 IMG_2401Happy Halloween! Did October fly by or what?! Thought I would share one last little October project. It was a fun one and so easy – we just grabbed some inspiration from Pinterest and then let our imaginations do the rest. What started out as two paper bag monsters quickly morphed into an entire family of creepy creatures. And speaking of family, we had some family over for dinner last Sunday night, so J was really excited to assign seats by letting each person know which Monster they belonged to. Anyhow, you get the idea: paper bags, lots of glue, buttons, felt, cupcake liners, googly eyes, sparkles, pipe cleaners, peanuts, rafia, whatever you can find, really. I can see this project spilling over into other holidays. Bag reindeer, Santa, and elves, anyone?


Have a spooky night.

p.s. A picture from a few Halloweens past and another easy kids Halloween craft.


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