Urban Halloween

IMG_2475Cruising the busy city streets is such a departure from the Halloween’s of my childhood, and I wondered if we should drive to a quieter neighbourhood, like we did a couple of years. But I’m so glad we didn’t…

IMG_2481This is our ‘hood’, and it’s fun to go into places and see the people who you meet each day. Did that ever sound like a line from Sesame Street…it comes naturally these days…

IMG_2447 My last-minute costume

IMG_2462 “Ooooh, I’m going to get soooo much candy!”

IMG_2470 Ariel looks seriously mischievous . Dot looks like she’s on a serious mission.

IMG_2466Please stay this cute forever!

IMG_2479Daddy dressed up as Bronco Libre. Still not sure what that means.

IMG_2488 You know, just grabbing some candy from the deli.

IMG_2485 The sweetest little ant I’ve ever seen. And wearing a homemade costume to boot!

IMG_2484 And if you’re not my mother, or the ant’s mother, you may want to quit this page…more pictures of these two to follow. Can’t help it!

IMG_2473 Who doesn’t trick-or-treat at the cobbler?!

IMG_2498IMG_2524 Do not, I repeat, do not expect a picture of a three and four-year old without someone’s tongue sticking out. It’s not going to happen.

IMG_2508We visited Grandma…

IMG_4747…and the Greats…

IMG_2546 …a couple of Aunties and an Uncle.

IMG_2530Ahhh, it’s a mignon! Love this pumpkin! I tried to convince J to go as a mignon this year, but that didn’t fly.

IMG_2532IMG_2536That’s it, folks. After this photo we made our way home. Dot’s Mom and I were giving ourselves a big pat on the back for having Halloween done by 7:30 at night – no tears, no candy comma. Hey we’re getting the hang of this parenting thing! Now I just need a visit from the Switch Witch so that I don’t eat all J’s candy!


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