Go Fish

IMG_4628I’m so excited that we’ve reached the card playing stage. Go Fish is our go-to card game (ahem, it’s the only one we know so far). We actually started over the summer when we went camping. I was super surprised by how quickly J caught on and how her attention span had increased. It’s such a great way to teach numbers, shapes, and taking turns. I’m really looking forward to adding some more kid-friendly games to our repertoire.

IMG_4624Dressing up is another big thing these days. And I totally get why some parents let their kids roll outside in strange costumes – sometimes it’s just not worth the energy to get them out of those clothes, you know?  Children really take their costumes seriously, like last night, for example: J was dressed up as a leopard, and I asked her a question. She broke character for a brief moment to inform me that “leopards don’t talk, mama”. Got it. So you know we’ll be dressing up as (mute) leopards again!

IMG_4627 But about cards. I often wonder how often you should let young children lose? We started out letting J win most of the time. So her first loss was pretty intense. We had to have the “you win some, you lose some” chat; which I think is important. No one wants to play with a poor sport, right? I also found this article – 9 reasons to let your kids lose. I think it makes a lot of sense.

IMG_4626Yes, I like this almost four-year old stage (except for the not listening part – that part is giving me wrinkles), it’s pretty entertaining. Here’s a few more card games that we’ll be looking to learn over the winter. Oh, and hopefully some of our card games will be after she’s asleep. And perhaps accompanied by some good friends and tasty drinks.

Happy Monday!


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