Have a good weekend!

IMG_2606IMG_2599IMG_2615IMG_2618We’ve been so spoiled the past few months with mild and (mostly) dry weather. Walking down the street yesterday morning with jackets unzipped was a real treat given that it’s November. Then the wind kicked in and it officially felt like winter had arrived, we walked home from the park with chattering teeth and numb toes. And with that, my brain automatically switched to soup mode, indoor project mode, and (gulp!) even Christmas shopping; it’s so nice when December can just be spent enjoying the season without the burden of shopping.

Here’s a soup (or stew) that I have been wanting to make for a while: Hearty Chicken Stew with butternut squash and quinoa

And I feel like a could spend some more time organizing my pantry. I love this one!

The other day, J and I had a chat about Santa, and that he has many, many boys and girls on his list – and that his sleigh is only so big – her list was getting a little ridiculous. But while we’re on the subject of gifts, I think this would be a fun one for a girl whose mother is a bit crazy about taking pictures.

Looking forward to a mellow weekend of relaxing indoors, eating some chili and getting cozy on the couch. I’m currently loving this on Netflix.


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