IMG_2622IMG_2626IMG_2624IMG_2643IMG_2642IMG_2631IMG_2660IMG_2645IMG_2652IMG_2666IMG_2673IMG_2669IMG_2678IMG_2687IMG_2658IMG_2657IMG_2695IMG_2753IMG_2699IMG_2752IMG_2746IMG_2737IMG_2719IMG_2712IMG_2713IMG_2718IMG_2721IMG_2722IMG_2711IMG_2729IMG_2731IMG_2705IMG_2754IMG_2708IMG_2763Last week, my friend and I bundled up our little girls and hopped on a bus to Chinatown. Our first stop was the Sun Yat-Sen gardens where the girls were given a treasure hunt map; the idea was to locate different rock formations, fish, turtles and sculptures. At snack time, we drank green tea and tried our hand at calligraphy – a big hit with the wee ones. On our way out, the girls collected candy and stickers for their efforts on the treasure hunt – such a clever idea to keep little people engaged, they really tried hard to find everything.

Not really knowing the food scene in the area, we ended up at a so-so restaurant and ordered some rather beige food (should have eaten at Bestie – how great is that bench?). But it really didn’t matter. The girls were just happy to eat noodles, draw and hang out together. After lunch, we popped into a local shop where the littles picked out a colourful souvenir and tried to convince their mothers to buy all sorts of things. I had my eye on the star lanterns – wouldn’t they be a fun addition to a child’s bedroom, reading area or garden party?

With a belly full of noodles and green tea (and two preschoolers who skipped naptime but did so well), we decided to cut our exploration short, it was just a few degrees too cold to wander the streets as planned. So I hunch there will be a part two at some point. Chinatown is so full of colour and character, we can’t wait to go back!


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