Christmas is coming…

I really love December.  But it sneaks up on me each year. And each year, I tell myself that I’ll be more on top of things next year. Or maybe the year after that. But honestly, without just skipping away to someplace warm and trading in our mittens for bikinis, is it really possible to get through December without feeling just a touch overwhelmed? Probably not. But it’s such a fun time of year, from the mulled wine to the lights, and the warm fuzzy feelings that seem to spread around – I love it all.  And now that J is really into the spirit of things, it’s hard not to cram our schedule with fun and festive events and start cranking cookies out of the kitchen. This month is gonna fly! Here’s a few fun photos from lately…

IMG_5067Holiday crafting is well underway over here, and those little fingers do not want much help these days – my role has been relegated to that of a ‘helper elf’. And that’s okay with me…

IMG_5075J and A sippin’ hot cocoa before boarding the free trolley to view some Christmas lights (folks are invited to make donations to St. Paul’s lights of hope)

IMG_5077Heading up Robson street in the trolley. I’d like to do this tour again one night as a ‘date night’ – Robson is so magical at this time of year. What do you think, love?

IMG_5183Our tree went up last Friday.

IMG_5234And wouldn’t you know it, those little hands were all over unwrapping the breakable ornaments…

IMG_5245…and they pretty much decorated the tree, too. My days as the chief tree decorator are all but over.


IMG_5236We’ve pulled out the Christmas book stash, and since J doesn’t remember any of them from last Christmas, it’s as if we just got a ton of new books. Perfect.

IMG_5170So this is a little bit weird: J has an unusual fascination with the holiday fireplace on T.V. The first time I had it on that channel she sat so still, mesmerized; fixated on the pseudo fireplace. It had me a bit worried, until I realized, hey, time to get some dinner prep done…or paint my nails. Kidding. Sort of. And when I went to finally turn off the, uh, fire, she begged “just let me see the hand one more time!” *for those of you who are lucky enough to use wood to start a fire, and not the remote control, the T.V. version features a man who, every so often, will stoke the fire. You know, to make it seem more lifelike…

IMG_5106Pomegranates always remind me of Christmas. I love them so much! They are tasty all on their own, sprinkled over oatmeal with ripe pears, or in a salad. I made this yummy kale and pomegranate salad the other day. So simple: sliced almonds, pomegranate and kale tossed a lemony vinaigrette with a dribble of maple syrup (a recommendation from a friend). My gosh, this is my kind of salad. p.s. Check out this trick for getting the seeds out without totally butchering your pomegranate – brilliant!

IMG_5247A little string of lights in her room. Just like last year.

Other things worth mentioning:

Jasmine the elf (on the shelf – or other super random places) showed up. Not sure that she is having quite the same effect as last year. When J was having a very three-year-old moment the other day and I warned her that Jasmine would hear, she told me confidently, “no she won’t, she has tiny ears.” Um, yes, I guess she does.

Also, J thinks that Santa has a cell phone. Yep. On another aforementioned three-year-old moment, I happened to pick up my cell phone. Fear creeped into J’s eyes as she exclaimed, “you’re not texting Santa, are you?!” No, love, I’m not. But I may. It’s still so early in December. And you are still so three-years old.

Hope you’re having a Merry December. Here’s a song to start the day...



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