A Merry Unbirthday

IMG_3069On Sunday, our friends threw a surprise early birthday party for J. Of course, I knew that it was going down, but J didn’t have a clue. So it was pretty great to see the look on her face when a homemade polka dot dog cake, a big ballon, presents and her best friend came through our door on a Sunday while we were all still rubbing the sleep out of our eyes.

IMG_3059Nice photo bomb, DM!

IMG_3064Initially, our friends had talked about doing a ‘kidnapping’. As in straight out of bed and making a move to a local breakfast place. However, after some consideration, we decided that our three-year-old, who is not exactly the quickest moving person around in the morning (especially on a Sunday when she likes to sleep in…and so do we!) might be a little shell-shocked. So we compromised with a later start, but stuck with the PJ theme. Yep, she is wearing her long john jammies under that coat (aka her spiderman jams).

IMG_3075 IMG_3099 These party blowers really were the hit of the morning and we might’ve been in a wee bit of trouble if they were actual noise makers… but most of the noise was the giggling coming from those pyjama girls. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice, and our server seemed to be getting a kick out of the breakfast party on the go.

IMG_3095IMG_3092IMG_3080Who makes sugar dogs for the top of a cake at 1:00 in the morning? Dancer Daddy Dan. That’s who. You guys never cease to amaze me.

IMG_3082Because these days we don’t get through an hour without seeing this face…

IMG_3085…but this is my favourite face!

IMG_3110And somehow the kid in the purple PJs managed to smile and giggle her way through the morning despite a late night and an early start. But who wouldn’t be happy eating pancakes for breakfast and cake for dessert?

IMG_3118Thank you for this amazing morning, friends. You sure do know how to bring the fun!


2 thoughts on “A Merry Unbirthday

    1. Hello! You made it! Don’t even tell me what the weather is like there…we did not leave the house after 1:00 today because the rain would not stop. And I was feeling wimpy. So we made eight dozen cookies.

      It was such a great day! We should plan one of these a year. Maybe even a true ‘kidnapping’ next time…xoxo

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