The North Pole 2013

IMG_3419For the third year in a row, we paid Santa a visit at the North Pole. A.K.A. Grouse Mountain…

IMG_3422The gondola ride up is always really pretty. This year it was extra exciting when the ride suddenly stopped and we all hung out nervously wondering how long we’d all be stuck up there. Thankfully, things got moving pretty quickly!

IMG_3457Prancer was kind of a big deal. He was so friendly and paid all the children visits at the fence. Last year there were two reindeer (Vixen, I think). Not sure what happened to him. But we did see some tasty reindeer dishes on the food network today. Hmmmmmm…..

IMG_3447IMG_5462Who knew that we could get to the North Pole in half an hour?

IMG_3436After seeing a few other kids tossing snowballs at each other, she quickly joined in. Is it cool to throw snowballs at other small strangers…? She sure thought so.

IMG_3445IMG_3516I’d really like to go up again this season so we can skate…

IMG_3486…but what we really need to do is just spend another day doing this. She did this over and over and over again. Her little cheeks were so pink and adorable from all the fresh cold air. And see that brown spot? Yeah, there wasn’t a ton of snow for sliding. But it really did not matter to J. Vancouver kids make the most out of any little bit of snow.

IMG_3461We found this abandoned snowman; who was more like an iceman.

IMG_3465IMG_3464Father Daughter much?

IMG_3453-1 Our Christmas card this year…

IMG_3477Now that we know how much she loves the snow, we should really think about ski lessons next winter!

IMG_3519Gotta love it when Grandma will take a slide.

IMG_3499Inside the chalet we checked out some pretty fantastic gingerbread houses. It gave me one or two ideas for next year. And a little note to our friends in Phoenix – you guys would kill it with one of these!

IMG_3510IMG_3508IMG_3511IMG_3512IMG_3514IMG_3495When it was time to leave, J was not pleased. She was pretty set to stay the night and keep sliding. Maybe we need to look into a slip n slide for the summer. They still make those things, right?!

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas Eve. Our elf is in bed, rocking her Christmas jams and is super pumped that she made it onto the ‘nice list’ (of course) – word came from Santa via email earlier on. I’m looking forward to watching something festive and prepping some french toast for the morning.

P.S. Our Santa pics


P.P.S. Our trip last year.



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