Tiny Dancers

IMG_3230IMG_3227IMG_3271Ballet class is well over, these photos are from mid-December. But I thought it was so cute when these little friends showed up looking rather matchy-matchy, and there was such a lovely bit of sun shining into the studio on that last day of class, that I wanted to share them.

IMG_3138Like peas in a pod, these two.

IMG_3185IMG_3153IMG_3232IMG_3249IMG_3285IMG_3281Is there anything more adorable than a little girl in a tutu? Remember this one?

IMG_3291IMG_3191I love how serious A is about dance…

IMG_3187…and how J likes to ham it up. She kept running by shouting, “hi, mama!” –  it was cracking me up.

IMG_3144IMG_3253Just taking a wee nap. 

IMG_3269IMG_3135Ooops, ballerina down! But not for long.

IMG_3166I get such a kick out of these tiny dancers, and I truly hope that dance is always a part of our lives. I’m even thinking about signing up for a ballet fit class this winter. Maybe it will help me keep up with my little ballerina.

Have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Tiny Dancers

  1. Love!!!!! My favorite post of these two. Great job capturing the story of that day. I like the ballerina down photo and may frame one of these of the linked arms. Great job, friend:-)

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