Time to Read

IMG_3811I didn’t really set out any hardcore New Year’s Resolutions this year. Of course, I always tell myself that I’ll try to make better food choices and spend more time sweating, but that’s par for the course after a month of indulgence. This year my goal seems rather simple, actually: Read. More. Books. In my mind, there is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch with a good book. Even our preschooler has that one figured out. And we have always made it a goal to read to her at least 15 minutes a day, so I thought, why not make that rule apply where the parents are concerned? And I’m not talking about online stuff. It’s crazy how much time I can waste online, getting totally distracted, link to link to link. Pinterest? I hate you. Just kidding, I love you. I just need to learn how to manage you better. Okay? I want to get back to the real deal, hard cover (or soft), borrow, buy or loan from the library kind of books. The question is: where do I carve out this time? Do I need to sleep less? Gosh, I hope not, I was really hoping to sleep more this year if anything (wait, another resolution?!) Unplug  more? Probably. Also, I just need to spend more time planning my days, so that I have a general idea of what will be going on during each hour of the day. Because the planned out days end up being good, productive days. So there it is. A kind of resolution. Do you have a resolution? Do tell! IMG_3814IMG_3823P.S. This book is next on the reading list followed by this one. Any other suggestions for great reads out there?


One thought on “Time to Read

  1. What a great resolution! I agree ~ that’s a good one for me too ~ I will read more 🙂


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