It’s hard to believe…

IMG_5873…this kid is four-years-old today. It feels like just a few blinks ago that we were welcoming her into our world, and poof! Four. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how this little girl has enriched our lives and the list was so big that I just didn’t have the time to write it all down. But there was this one moment this week that summed it up and I realized how lucky I am to be sharing this life with her: There we were walking down the street, almost home. I was cranky because a stranger had stopped me on the seawall and shared his views about a child her age being in a stroller. I kind of let it ruin my afternoon and my head was spinning with all the things that I wished I’d said to him. Then this tiny voice beside me said, “don’t me cranky, mama, when we get home you can just sing the ‘I am happy’ song.” So I thought to myself, yes, that might make me feel better. Then she followed up with, “you just have to let the light inside you shine, mama.” Then and there I felt instantly better. Still a bit cranky, but with a kind of smile on my face at least. And entertained by the realization that as much as we’ve been raising J and taking care of her since the day she came into this world, it only took her a short little while to start (in her own way) taking care of me. Of us. Four years old indeed.

Happy birthday to the girl who was rockin’ out to the sheepdogs yesterday morning. And who asked for a pink birthday cake. We love you to the moon and back. xo xo xo

P.S. one year ago. 


4 thoughts on “It’s hard to believe…

  1. Well Connie, that just brought tears to my eyes 🙂 Happy Birthday little angel! I remember where I was this day 4 years ago….wow time flies. xo xo


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