Halftime with Nature Boy

IMG_4247On Sunday during halftime we all snuck out for a little family walk around the lagoon. Nothing unusual there. But did you know that my Broncos-loving-husband is also a bird whisperer?! Shocking but true. On daddy-daughter-days he often rolls with a big bag of peanuts and has figured out that these little birds will come and eat from his hand. I don’t know why this cracks me up. It’s as if the birds are like, “hey, it’s that guy again, let everyone know!” And they all flock after him.

IMG_4213These two, always stepping in sync.

IMG_4239Possibly the one and only time that this girl was like, “mom, take a picture of me!” I think she was worried that the birds were getting all the action.

IMG_4222*insert Tarzan themed music here.

IMG_4265Ha. Clearly my husband is not the only one with a gift for being at one with nature.

IMG_4301IMG_4284Because I’m her mother I think that three shots of her feeding the ducks is totally necessary. Okay, four. IMG_4286IMG_4288IMG_4299They almost don’t look real.

IMG_4281IMG_4297Oh, hey there. The last time we saw a racoon at this spot I ended up running away with J in one arm, her pink bike in the other and the racoon in hot pursuit. Nothing quite so dramatic on this particular visit.

IMG_4273IMG_4275‘Cause when you’re four, it’s not cool to smile nicely while sitting on your mom’s lap. Duh.

IMG_4302Such a pretty day.

IMG_4206She really looks like a big girl now. You know how your parents used to ask that cliché question on your birthday morning, “SOOOO, do you feel any older now?!” Yeah, I totally asked her that on her birthday. Sure did.

IMG_4311Heading home for the Broncos victory.


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