Free Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve been on a bit of a baking kick over here, so this year we’ll be spreading love in the form of sugar. Once this round of baking is done, however, it’s definitely time for a break. But it’s the perfect distraction during the colder months and especially those afternoon moments when we need something fun to do. Truth be told, I’m not really a sweets person, I’d take something savoury over sugary any day. But my willpower has been questionable lately, so perhaps March will be a sugar-free month. Or at the very least, a reduced-sugar month – hello healthy muffins! IMG_4452 J and I had fun making these sugar cookies with a message cookie kit – Our first round was Beatles inspired and read “love me do”.  J was in charge of finding the loose stencil letters (she was quicker than me – nothing quite like getting schooled by a four-year old).

IMG_4475It took a couple of test runs to figure out how thick we wanted the cookies and then how long they should be in the oven for. The first batch was more like a jaw breaker than a cookie. But J didn’t seem to mind…

IMG_4446Our second batch turned out just right. Here’s the recipe we used. In my oven they only took 10 minutes.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those in my life who give their love freely. And especially to “Mr. Poopy Banana head” and the little Monkey who gave him that name. Oh, four!

P.S. My little Valentine.

P.P.S. His and Hers Quiche. 

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