These are a few of my favourite (green) things…

cb8e8b51df723bb039823ef0549ce3a3060b517565070863c1fec1a6d6d840cc13ea4bc5d93d31611dd1f85692b5d5cf3640d6934cfd73e147597b00c410dbc8f7dec24d6aaa8dce4b040c9e205e74b4 77b7f21cdc6830a46a3a1333d39088e2 03730e868fe10b022a885bfb45dce011 ff7cc248f6ef55790ca60a4355508b44 a5ade3457df3435ffc786f9697316d7eSt.-Patricks-Day-Popcorn1 st-patricks-day-mint-green-macaroonsa831e41b64e4bb0ec01b71195ced118b2da03ad96f00c2a93f2caa74d582f8c519f75cedcb75358e8ab23553ac3f7efaMaybe it’s because St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, or maybe it’s watching things come alive with the advent of spring, but I’ve got green on the brain; and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to roll in – spring always makes me feel so happy, hello Vitamin D!

About the images above

1. A turkey, avocado, goat cheese, and arugula grilled sandwich? Um, yes please!

2. We live in Vancouver. So a bright umbrella makes all that rain just a little more bearable. Maybe if I get a green one I can also rock a crop top. Or not.

3. Warmer weather means no more socks (!) Welcome back, little Native shoes.

4. Don’t those cucumber mint popsicles look amazing? Add that to our sunny day-to-do list.

5. Those chairs. That fan. I’m keeping my eyes open for some retro chairs – I love them!

6. I could read a book in that space. I’m currently reading this.

7. If I had a phone like that I might consider trading in my iphone. I kid. But I still think it’s cool.

8. Can’t wait for our first bike ride on the seawall. Colourful bikes with baskets always turn my head. And if I’m being honest, I really just want to move to Amsterdam.

9. J has been asking about camping. Non stop. And I would camp in that little green trailer in a heartbeat.

10. Popcorn with green sprinkles. Seems like a fun March 17th thing to do.

11. I wish I knew how to make macaroons, they are so pretty. But I’ve heard they are temperamental…and I’m impatient. I think they are a project for another stage in life.

12. I have a soft spot for pistachio ice cream. Or it creates soft spots on me. One of the two.

13. When I first started dating my husband, like a million years ago (or 10), he had a chalkboard just like that in his room. I wish we’d kept it.

14. Nothing screams spring like fresh pesto. I love making mine with kale and walnuts and then freezing portions in ice-cube trays.

Happy mid-March to you.

p.s.  It’s almost spring!

*all images via Pinterest. 


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