Weekend on Mayne Island

IMG_4802Racing down the highway with a day-old piece of wedding cake, we really thought we’d miss our ferry to Mayne Island. But we didn’t. We made it. We played bocce. He lost (and consequently had to run naked around the cabin and do ten push-ups). We watched Jaws. We ran hand-in-hand at the Lighthouse and took a picture. It was really cute, at least I thought so. We hiked to the top of Mt. Parke and mooned the camera – it was our honeymoon after all. Nearly seven years later times have changed a little bit, but not that much. Here’s a recap of our most recent family trip to Mayne Island…


IMG_4789We combed the beach in search of pirate glass, crabs, and pretty shells…

IMG_4791admired the cinnamon coloured arbutus trees…

IMG_4796IMG_4798IMG_4832visited the beautiful Japanese Gardens. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, it was really lovely.

IMG_4834IMG_4821IMG_4844IMG_4838We listened to the sounds of the forest and gazed at tall trees

IMG_4849We all took a turn on this thing. And I’ll admit, it’s still pretty fun!

IMG_4779IMG_4810We climbed around on the rocks a lot. And heard this a lot: “watch out for the green stuff.” Good lesson, thanks, Dad.

IMG_4805She picked flowers. Of course.

IMG_4767We ate way too much

IMG_4910I got reacquainted with my big camera…i-phones are super convenient, but I do love my Rebel.

IMG_4919IMG_4929IMG_4933IMG_5042We took a family photo. Or ten – but you know how that goes. And that tongue is sort of J’s signature move – she cracks herself up.

IMG_4794 I snapped a shot of this handsome bald man on the beach…

IMG_5023…and this bald eagle

IMG_4869Rain was forecasted. Thankfully we saw a lot of blue sky!

IMG_5081IMG_4788IMG_4872IMG_5008We went on seal patrol. And spotted a few otters in the process

IMG_4991IMG_5034IMG_4882J sat in this old tree. Fun because her father and uncles sat in this same tree when they were knee-high.

IMG_4878J got her first archery lesson – and loved it!

IMG_5085 By the end of the weekend we were all feeling pretty relaxed and digging the rhythm of cabin life. And thankfully, the only one running around naked (and loving it) was that little four-year-old.

p.s. Our trip to Saturna Island last year.



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