Spring is here?

IMG_5099 This post was supposed to be a ‘Hurray for Spring’ kind of post. But from the time I thought about it, to the time I actually sat down to upload this happy little photo, the weather took a turn and, other than the beautiful pink blossoms lining the street, it kind of looks fall-ish outside. Boooo! And the wild storm that is happening right now is shaking our windows. So that’s cool.

But back to thinking about happy, warm thoughts. Blue skies and blossoms. That’s the stuff that spring is made of. Or at least that’s the part I am most craving. Let me flashback to last week’s stunning weekend when we went on our first seawall bike ride (J still fits in the seat on the back of my bike!), had our first BBQ, and J and her father watched their first Rugby game of the season. You know, spring things.

Other spring things: we adopted a Robin. Yes, you know, a feathered friend, the one with the red chest. He sits in a tree outside of our window singing at 4:00 a.m. (!) I really believed it was a confused young bird  – but after my bird investigating husband decided to go on an obscenely early reconnaissance mission one morning, he tells me it’s a Robin singing a mating song. And that mating season doesn’t end any time soon (yay). My first thought was to try out J’s bow and arrow (kidding. sort of), but after we named him ‘Ricardo’, he’s now a bit like a member of the family in a weird way. The poor bird gets blamed for every offence under our roof these days….Ricardo! So I guess we’ve turned into crazy bird people. Oh, wait, that already happened. I guess we’re old (side note: J told me this morning that I didn’t look old…but that I WAS old – nice). But Ricardo’s song does mean something good. Spring is here – even though my windows are currently rattling. And you know what they say about April showers. So once this storm blows over we’ll get back to the business of all things spring, like picnics in the park, making fresh lemonade, and flying kites.

Have a great weekend!

p.s. A spring post from a couple years back…



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