Maplewood Farm

IMG_5419Last week, a bunch of little friends and their parents piled onto a big yellow bus bound for Maplewood farm. The kids thought it was pretty cool that they had their very own bus for the afternoon. And after singing ‘The wheels on the bus’ and ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ on the way, the kids were well primed for an afternoon picnic, hanging out with baby animals, and learning about milking cows. It was a great day and I am certain that we’ll be spending more afternoons at the farm. IMG_5411IMG_5424IMG_5430IMG_5437IMG_5527IMG_5462IMG_5476IMG_5463IMG_5521IMG_5456IMG_5479IMG_5488IMG_5526IMG_5528IMG_5548IMG_5541IMG_5563IMG_5570


One thought on “Maplewood Farm

  1. Great shots. Loving your green outfits and all the stripes, checkers and polka dots on the girls.

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