Mother’s Day

IMG_3553IMG_3462IMG_3526IMG_3536IMG_3543IMG_3542IMG_3532IMG_3535IMG_3545IMG_3549IMG_355520140511_150837Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Spring is my favourite time of the year. Getting spoiled by my husband and daughter on a Sunday during spring? Yes please! Mother’s Day was a lovely day. C & J made a delicious smoked salmon benny for breakfast – which was even better paired with one or two mimosas 🙂 After breakfast, J and her father made their way to ballet, leaving me to enjoy some alone time. And I can tell you that my to-do list was not getting any smaller, but Mother’s Day is a good day to indulge in some lazy, mid-morning couch time. And that’s just what I did. For maybe twenty minutes. Then I made my way to Art Knapp – the happiest place on earth. Seriously, I love that place. Anyhow, we skipped naptime to go enjoy some of the sunshine as a family and strolled around outdoors. It’s nice to ‘tourist walk’ every now and again. You know the walk? Sauntering, kicking dirt, looking up and down, pausing to enjoy some sites, get in the way of a few people – you know the walk. On our way home, J picked a little daisy and insisted that she place it on a bench and photograph it. So the top photo of this post was taken by our four-year old (maybe I’ll be retiring from my position as our family’s photographer?). We wrapped up the evening with a tasty dinner, C cooked up some Granville Island ravioli stuffed with peas and ricotta cheese and tossed it in pesto. I gotta tell you, I really enjoy cooking, but taking a day off from daily duties is tops! Thank you for treating me to such a lovely day, you two. I’m so grateful that I get to celebrate it! xo


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