Camping Weekend


IMG_7604We ticked off another girls camping trip a couple of weekends ago. Truth be told, I was a little worried about the trip. It was supposed to rain the entire time. And we’re not exactly what you would call sophisticated campers – you might remember my fancy tarp set-up last year using my camera tripod. But do you see the smile on that face behind the pillows? As if I was going to wimp out and crush four-year old dreams. No. Way. So we packed the car, included our umbrellas and some extra sweaters and wellies. We were pretty prepared. Except for one thing: I forgot my rain coat. Minor details, right?

IMG_7494When we arrived, the rain was pretty intense. So I parked J on a little lawn chair with her red umbrella. She was all too happy to watch me set up (and pretty much have an outdoor shower). I was fairly pleased with my set up. I mean, it didn’t look pro or anything, but it was going to keep us dry. However, moments later an RV pulled up only to inform me that they had booked the site we were in. Booooo! Hisssss! I had mixed up site 19 and 17 – simple mistake, right? Long of the short, I had to take our gear down, move it and set up. Again. Not a great start, but at least Auntie showed up to help with our second attempt.

IMG_7529The rain stopped pretty much as soon as we had our set up complete (!) and we were able to start a fire. My dear friend and her little one showed up to hang out by the lake, sip some wine and have some salmon burgers – oh, and she brought me a rain coat 🙂

IMG_7559IMG_5613IMG_5595IMG_7478IMG_7558IMG_7484IMG_5640IMG_5631Tossing rocks in the lake. Again, and again, and again. I think these shots are my favourite from the weekend, from the lighting to the backdrop. But mostly, it’s that little silhouette.


IMG_5591The first night in the tent was a good one. It rained overnight but we managed to stay warm and dry, and even slept in a little. Something about waking up in the fresh air is just so fantastic…even if instant coffee is the first thing to hit your lips.

IMG_5658Sausages and Eggs, anyone?

IMG_5659IMG_7507With Auntie on fire duty and me on breakfast, we think we do alright with this camping thing.

IMG_7498IMG_5601IMG_7495Check it out! Sunshine!

IMG_5684Auntie C gets an A in the Auntie department. My friend and I joked that she makes a better mother than the two of us lumped together. All kidding aside, I am just so happy that J has such great people around her to help shape her and care for her. She’s a lucky duck.


IMG_5671IMG_5664IMG_7554IMG_7546My sister and I gave J some catching and throwing lessons. But for some reason, J kept on throwing the ball at us (and mostly in the lake) and yelling, “I scored!” Lessons to be continued….

IMG_5709Camping without hotdogs would be a crime. We warded off the food guilt by eating ours with salad.

IMG_7517A little camping posy.

IMG_7535IMG_5614IMG_5617J’s at that age where dishes are still fun. Not sure why she was washing that sharp knife, but I can assure you she made it home with all of her digits intact. So that’s good.

IMG_7521For the third year in a row, Auntie C jumped off this dock in her classic ‘X’ style jump – we made her do it twice this year since we didn’t think the form of first jump was very impressive. The water was pretty frigid. Yet another reason why we think she’s pretty cool.

IMG_5759IMG_5753IMG_5665The second night in the tent was a bit tough. It was cold and J kept kicking out of her sleeping bag then waking up because she was cold. Two early morning trips to the washroom (er, bush) later, it was time to rise and shine. But we managed to get things packed up before the rain returned  – so I’d call it a win.

We’ve decided that a two day camping trip is a bit too short for the work that is involved. Plus, J was in tears about having to leave so soon – she thinks camping is pretty much the greatest thing going. I really hope it’s a tradition that will repeat itself for years to come. It’s so nice to slow down a bit and just hang out, chat and breathe some fresh air. Some of the best heart-to-hearts have come from the time we’ve spent just sitting around a campfire, eating popcorn and s’mores. Thanks for an amazing weekend, girls. xo xo xo

p.s. Camping last year and the year before that.




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