Terrace. Not Paris.

IMG_7612IMG_7616A few weeks ago we flew to Terrace to visit my parents. That’s Terrace with a T – not to be confused with Paris – as J has often called it. And while I’m all for a trip to Paris (in case you ever feel like moving there, Mom and Dad), we were pretty excited about spending a few days at my parents’ place; relaxing and taking a break from our everyday routines, bien sûr!

IMG_7618Auntie J was our taxi that day.

IMG_7623North Coast vibes…old cars, fresh air, blue skies…love it!

IMG_5806One of the best things about my mom is that she lets kid-mess happen – maybe years of teaching kindergarten increased her tolerance for it. Whatever the reason, I think our four-year-old was in a little bit of preschooler heaven. J pulled out all of our old dress-up clothes from the ‘tickle trunk’, made a race track downstairs, had crafts on the go, and a doll house set up in the middle of the living room for four days. There is definitely benefits to being the one and only grandchild!

IMG_5785IMG_7668I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I’m confident that Gus (the cat) was the highlight of the trip. Also pretty confident that if Gus could talk he might have said, “when the f%&k is that pesky kid leaving?” But he was very good-natured and put up with numerous whisker pulls, pokes and invasions of personal space. I had a similar good-natured cat when I was around the same age – who was most often spotted wearing cabbage patch doll pajamas – so I get where she was coming from.

IMG_7625Did I mention that J is a dog whisperer? And isn’t Willow the cutest?

IMG_5775My Mom and I took a bike ride one afternoon and left Grandpa in charge. According to Grandpa, he changed at least “18 doll outfits” – sounds about right.

IMG_5885Our kid is slightly obsessed with these energy bites. So she made them with Auntie J and Nana while we were there, but I’m pretty sure she ate most of them before they had time to chill in the fridge. They are actually so easy to make and so good for you…I think I’ve linked to them before, but in case not, here’s the link. I like mine with cranberries.

IMG_7653Going to my parents’ without having a bon fire would be just weird. We’ve been having them as long as I can remember, and it was definitely a highlight of J’s trip…what wasn’t a highlight? Me putting a limit on her marshmallow consumption. Meltdown doesn’t quite cover it. Next time I might be wise to pull out the ones that she’s allowed and then make the bag disappear. I’m still figuring out this parenting thing and, as far as I can tell, four-year-olds don’t like to being told what to do. Or just children in general. SO… I’m working on my “coaching’ not ‘controlling’ approach. But that’s a topic for another day...

IMG_7654Meet my sister. She’s no fun at all…

IMG_7647IMG_5796…and my little brother? Nobody likes him. Especially not J. But I kid. They are both the best, and I’m really happy that on this trip they were able to get to know J better. In fact, J was so smitten with uncle B’s easy smile and jokey demeanour, that she quickly decided that he was in charge of bath-time. Doesn’t sound like a big deal. But trust me, it’s a big deal. Thanks for bringing the fun, you two!

IMG_5853At the farmers’ market

IMG_5818A tornado potato is what everyone seemed to be lining up for. They looked and smelled so tasty – we couldn’t pass it up. Unfortunately they smelled better than they tasted. But that did not stop my kid from eating it all.

IMG_7763IMG_7755All cats, all the time. Much to her father’s dismay.

IMG_5833 Five dollars well spent.



IMG_7735IMG_7706IMG_7724IMG_5863Had to stop for some photos of the railroad.  Just to pass the time away. You know.

IMG_7714I think these next snaps are my very favourite from the trip. We’d sent the two Js to watch a rugby game. But that’s not all they did. They found the perfect ‘rolling hill’. J really wanted Grandpa to roll down with her. Auntie J had already done it several times with her. But we thought it was best to let Grandpa be a spectator and save himself a trip to the chiropractor. Next thing you know we’re tumbling down the hill, making ourselves crazy-dizzy, getting covered in grass and catching a case of the giggles. Seriously, want to feel like a kid again for a moment? Roll down a hill. Then try to stand up and walk. Ha. Just don’t tell anybody you pulled a neck muscle and got a rash from the grass. ‘Cause that totally didn’t happen to me.

IMG_7746IMG_7744IMG_7728Three generations.

IMG_5918IMG_5923IMG_5870A little neighbour.

IMG_7635Hard at work in Nana’s garden.

IMG_5876Let the storm rage OOOOOOOONNNNNNN…

IMG_7727Two of my favourite silhouettes.

IMG_7741Homeward bound. Thanks for taking such good care of us, Mom and Dad! You’ve got this Grandparent thing down 🙂

IMG_7730I spy Stanley Park!



5 thoughts on “Terrace. Not Paris.

  1. FABULOUS Photos! Who needs Paris when you’ve got Terrace! Dad and I just watched this and got a little blurry eyed. Come back soon!

  2. An outstanding post, one of my favourite to date. You are a very talented writer and photographer. So glad you both had some time with family – it looked like a lot of fun! I see where J got her curls from after seeing your Mom’s photo of your granddad on FB. 🙂

    1. Sweet of you to say, Star, thank you! xo We had such a fun time.

      You might get a laugh if you saw the curls on my husband when he was a wee one…J was bound to be a bouncy hair babe!

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