Car Free Day

IMG_6152A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon strolling Denman street for Car Free Day. And while we navigate the majority of our days car-free because a) parking is too crazy-expensive in the city b) by the time you find parking it’s actually quicker to walk and c) it’s how we tire J out – something about walking up the middle of the street (when you spend your days constantly telling your child to stay off the road) makes you realize how great it would be to have more car-free spaces.

IMG_6163J was running into her little friends left, right and centre, which seems to be the case lately. I always thought it would be tough to carve out a community in a big city, but kids have a way of doing that for us, especially once they hit school-age.

IMG_6226The weather was a bit overcast, but warm, and we only had to take shelter once and wait for a rainy patch to pass. It’s that time of year where I pretty much refuse to bring my umbrella out, almost as if I’m willing the rain to stay away. Futile but optimistic at least.

IMG_6189IMG_6191Not sure what this look means. I think it’s her ‘I’m trying not to smile’ look.

IMG_6173We ran into so many friendly and familiar faces…

IMG_6223…watched this mural come to life…

IMG_6211…and J got a balloon bunny from ‘Arty who likes to party’

IMG_6222IMG_6215IMG_6193IMG_6200This kind woman blended up a delicious smoothie for us. It took her a while, and a few calories, but she made it happen.

IMG_6227IMG_6240Painted faces and lolipops = Best. Day. Ever. When you’re four at least.

IMG_6234IMG_6236She walked the line

IMG_6243How pretty are these bike tires? I’ll take a yellow and pink set please.

IMG_6244IMG_6250We’ve gone to a few car-free  days over the years, but this one made me really appreciate the value in creating more permanent car-free spaces. The relaxed vibe, the ability to linger and to chat with your neighbours is something that we sometimes miss out on when we hop into our cars and drive away. Maybe if we all just slap a pair of colourful tires on our bike it will encourage us to leave the car keys at home more often? At least until the rain comes back…


One thought on “Car Free Day

  1. This is such a great concept! It looks like a blast. J has the cutest outfit on too 🙂 fabulous colours everywhere too!

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