Strawberry Picking

IMG_6360IMG_6335IMG_6348IMG_6339IMG_6341IMG_6388IMG_6357IMG_6362IMG_6395IMG_6349IMG_6412IMG_6356IMG_6365IMG_6384IMG_6406IMG_6403IMG_6421IMG_6415IMG_6422IMG_6410IMG_6423IMG_6340IMG_6430IMG_6433A couple of weeks ago we met Great Auntie D and Cousin L for  a strawberry picking session at Emma Lea farms. I hadn’t been strawberry picking in years and it was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. J seemed to be enjoying herself, jumping over the rows of strawberries and (surprise, surprise) eating more than she collected. When we were done we had 16 pounds (!) of delicious, super sweet strawberries. We rewarded ourselves with strawberry milkshakes that went down way too fast. I don’t know why we don’t make milkshakes with fresh berries at home all the time. We capped the afternoon with a jump in Great Auntie D’s pool, which also served to rinse off the strawberry juice stuck in between little toes. Next up: blueberries!

P.S.  I had no great plan for the strawberries we brought home. We ended up making lots of strawberry slurpees, a strawberry rhubarb crumble using this tasty recipe, strawberry scones, strawberry syrup to go on our pancakes one morning, and a strawberry spinach salad. The remaining strawberries are in my freezer but I don’t need to think about them for a while if you know what I mean.

TIP * Field strawberries are like little sponges and absorb water quickly – keep them fresher for longer by avoiding washing them until right before your eat them 🙂


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