Veranda Beach 2014

Last week we spent some time at Veranda Beach, hanging out with old friends (some older than others, wink wink), dipping our feet in the lake, sipping on cold beverages, getting our BBQ on, and watching some fifty odd little feet run around like crazy. Here’s a few snippets.

IMG_7456IMG_7201IMG_7193IMG_7499IMG_7416We were so proud of J for finally putting her face in the water – she has never really been a “water baby” and even bath time can be challenging some days. But seeing a bunch of other kids splash and play confidently in the water was better than any swimming lesson she has ever taken. So thanks, kids!

IMG_7424IMG_7426IMG_7123IMG_7125We bunked up with this little blondie and her parents, and I must admit, seeing these two little ones interact was pretty adorable. They are two and a half years apart and got along so nicely. Of course there were moments where J did not feel like sharing, but for the most part they were just good kids.

IMG_7152IMG_7161I went a little crazy on the bubble blowing pictures. Couldn’t help it, they are my favourite!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 IMG_7137

IMG_7179IMG_7164IMG_7168J insisted on wearing her hair ‘down’ most days. Also, we sort of forgot to wash her hair for five days. She was happy not to remind us. I think she would be happy to never wash her hair ever again. Like I said, not much of a water kid. But we’re working on it.

IMG_7189J thought the coloured rocks on the side of the house were pretty fantastic…

IMG_7196…and the sky at sundown wasn’t bad either.

IMG_7338So many happy little faces.

IMG_7365And the cutest toes.

IMG_7377IMG_7343J told me that the coolest thing about S is that he has RED hair.

IMG_7362 J was sporting this stone-face for a good amount of the time. A combination of being a bit tired from all the sun and being in a bit of shock with the amount of kids and fun. I like to call it her ‘Weekend at Bernie’s stare.’

IMG_7354IMG_7458Bathing suits, beach towels, bocce = BEST.

IMG_7466I spy.

IMG_7427IMG_7431IMG_8844IMG_8778IMG_7433My husband swears that N looks like Clint Eastwood in this picture. I might have to agree.

IMG_7391IMG_7399Kung Fu fighting?

IMG_7411 Fast as lightning.

IMG_7439Señor H on grill.

IMG_7442IMG_7379This little guy has three older sibs who helped keep him cool by misting him with water and rubbing ice on his feet. I don’t know that he loved it, but it came from a place of love and it was sweet to watch his brothers and sisters doing their part to take care of their new brother.

IMG_7384IMG_8788Veranda Beach: the Fedora capital.

IMG_8811IMG_7461IMG_7495IMG_7450So many grassy areas for the kids (big and little) to play.


IMG_8752We had planned on staying downstairs. But J took one look at the bunk beds upstairs and tucked bunny in. It was pretty much impossible to tell her we were not going to sleep in bunk beds. So that’s where we slept.

IMG_8850Other people’s toys are always more exciting. I expect that a laundry list of ‘wants’ might be coming our way.

IMG_8736Oroville has a sweet taco truck called ‘Pablo’s Taqueria’ – and a trip to Veranda beach would not be complete without at least a couple visits.

IMG_7263We were missing one wee one in this shot. But I’m still amazed that somehow we managed to get these kiddos to stand still long enough to make this happen!

IMG_7268IMG_7256Big sister IB did a great job hanging onto the newest member of the clan.

IMG_7220Birthday food.

IMG_7223One day I have to share my husband’s rib recipe – they are ridiculously good.


IMG_7283Many fun times spent with this crew of women over the years.

IMG_7305We celebrated a few birthdays – the one that rhymes with Lordy.

IMG_7329And A turned two!

IMG_7322IMG_7238Squishy and perfect.

IMG_7242IMG_7474IMG_7469IMG_7468IMG_7294These boys still know how to have fun

IMG_7286IMG_7234IMG_7464IMG_7116IMG_8807I love how time slows down when you’re on vacation, but as soon as it’s over it feels as if it was just a blink.  I named this post Veranda 2014 because I’m already looking forward to next year and hope we can make this a summer tradition, it really was too much fun!

P.S. Last year’s trip to Veranda here and here.


2 thoughts on “Veranda Beach 2014

  1. Such great pics, memories, love all your shots! Such a talent Connie! Hope you keep it going, you have the snap touch! Love ya

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