This falls under the ‘better late than never’ category. For the second year in a row we snagged a cool spot to snap some photos of the Vancouver pride parade. Colourful doesn’t quite cover it – it is a full on visual overload, and, hands down, one of the more entertaining parades I’ve ever attended. Here’s a couple highlights…


IMG_7589These two were a kick in the pants…

IMG_7612…and something about a pink bus just brings a smile to my face…


IMG_7530IMG_7547 IMG_8905IMG_7550IMG_7559IMG_7645IMG_7514IMG_7633IMG_7632IMG_7616IMG_8928IMG_7556IMG_8912IMG_8910IMG_8924IMG_8901IMG_8925IMG_7607 We spent most of the parade as spectators a few stories above, out of the crowds and the sun. Only after the parade did we wander with the masses in the street. But it’s important to note: when I asked J where she’d like to sit next year, she told me in no uncertain terms that she wants to be part of the party. Sitting on the sidewalk, potentially getting soaked by water guns, rubbing shoulders with the scantily clad, and, more importantly, close enough to catch any prizes that might come her way. Fair enough. And as a side note, J is getting so good with our little point and shoot camera that she may very well be in charge of documenting next year’s parade…

p.s. Pictures from last’s year’s Pride Parade


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