A Day in Deep Cove

Last Sunday we took the short drive over to Deep Cove to check out Deep Cove Daze.  Of course it goes without saying that any event offering balloons, face painting and food trucks is always a go for J – but on my end, I was excited for other reasons. My Grandparents (and hence my Mom) lived there once upon a time, so it was fun to imagine them raising their family in those surroundings, perhaps swimming in those waters, walking those streets, and looking at the same mountains. Certainly much has changed since the days when they called Deep Cove home, but I suspect that the charm and beautiful surroundings remain somewhat untouched. You get a sense that it’s just a wonderful place to live and that it’s a tight-knit community. Lots of people puttering in their yards, established homes, beautiful gardens. And my mind immediately started conjuring up dreams of running a little bed and breakfast in a place like that. If you’ve never been, and you’re in the Vancouver area, it is definitely worth a day trip, if only to pop in and out of the  little stores, grab a gelato and relax on the beach for a bit.

Here’s a few photos from our day…

IMG_7725Is it just me or does J look like a big kid now?

IMG_9212IMG_9218IMG_9217All J wanted was Fish and Chips. And by that she really meant just chips.

IMG_9215I was 100% taken by this store  – pulled in by the bike and banner.

IMG_7730My Grandma H always had a door mat that said “GO AWAY” –  I thought it was the best. Until I saw this one.

IMG_7734What’s this? Movie rentals? Do they have places like that anymore? I have to admit that I miss picking my movies out from a movie rental place. And see what I mean about a charming little community?

IMG_9214IMG_7718We’re heading to the PNE in a couple of days so we didn’t spend too much time on rides. But the smile on that little face was worth a buck.

IMG_7744J brought her little point and shoot camera. The next photos are courtesy of her…

IMG_6573IMG_6554IMG_6578An old fashion selfie. You know, you actually have to physically turn the camera around to take the shot. The first time J asked where the screen button was to take a selfie I almost died. Anyhow, fromage anyone?

IMG_6569…I will spare you the shots of the random people J was shooting, and not being super inconspicuous about the whole process. But somehow four-year-olds have this cute thing going on that allows them to get away with things that might otherwise be deemed rather creepy.    * end of Photographer J shots *

IMG_7755IMG_7765Cardboard kayak race. Not really on my bucket list but entertaining nonetheless. I really had no idea that you could make a boat (that works) out of cardboard. Some of the kids had clearly put some serious thought into the process.

IMG_7758IMG_7752The second balloon of the day. The first one escaped into the clouds and the result was half of a rainbow washed off J’s face from the tears. Balloons are serious business, you know.

IMG_7764Until next time, Deep Cove.


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