Red Riding Hood

IMG_8142IMG_8157IMG_8146IMG_8164IMG_8163IMG_8200IMG_8186IMG_8194IMG_8182Yesterday was one busy day! We started the morning decorating cupcakes for the preschool potluck. J was excited to make “worms in dirt” -really just chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting dipped in Oreo cookie crumbs (the dirt) and topped with a gummy worms. Not sure what we did before Pinterest? (Martha Stewart magazines?) Anyhow, after the preschool potluck we got caught in a pretty good rain storm and were totally unprepared, no umbrella or raincoat. Luckily, the rain did not last and the afternoon turned into the most beautiful fall day, perfect for some Halloween photos! And while I love taking photos of the actual trick-or-treating action it’s hard to know what the weather will be like – plus photos after dark can be tough. After a session in the park (where we pretended we were on the path to Grandma’s house), a quick zumba class and an early dinner, we made our way to family and friends’ places to collect an unreasonable amount of candy. We made it home for a late night Japanese take out and  plenty of couch time. It was a good Halloween. And I’m happy to report that we will be getting a visit from the ‘switch witch’ once again this year (you know, leave your candy out for the witch and she takes it and replaces it with a small toy). Win win. Oh, and another win…we scored a family photo…Thanks CM!

IMG_8220  p.s. Halloween last year and the year before that. Oh, and pumpkin cupcakes! 



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