Little Sister. Big Sister.

IMG_8714IMG_8716IMG_8718It’s been pretty quiet here on my blog. The main reason for that is that I’ve turned my focus to something very exciting that will be coming this April. Here’s a hint: it starts with a B and ends with a Y. It’s caused a lot of excitement over here and I feel like full on nesting mode has kicked in – I do love all this planning and J can barely wait to take on her new role. Another reason for the crickets: I decided to make sleep a priority and tried out a “do less” resolution. I have been attempting to carve out a half an hour a day to read a book, to just stop, to breathe and give myself a ‘quiet time’ – something that we still offer to J each day. It’s good to hit the reset button when your days are fairly hectic. As parents in this digital world, we tend to take on so many things and feel like we should do this and that, and that we’re not doing enough, because someone is always doing it bigger and better. The internet plays a big roll in that and sometimes it’s good to just unplug, retreat for a while (p.s. I’m not very good at it – but I’m trying). That said, I do want to keep up on the occasional post, I like to document family life in this space, especially since Santa treated me to a new camera to play with!

The photos above are from a visit with Auntie J a while back. I just love those smiling faces so much, funny to think that I held both of them in my arms when they were born. My sister and I are 6 and a bit years apart. J and our April baby (a.k.a ‘Pee Wee’) will be 5 and a bit. I know that they will be the best of friends. Can’t wait!


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