We have a five year old! I’m still getting used to saying that because it just sounds old. J is no longer a baby or a toddler – and just barely still a preschooler. It’s as if she turned five and, poof! Instakid. And to celebrate this big-kid birthday we decided to have a family celebration with a meal and cake of her choice. I told J that I always chose beef dip when I was little. She decided to keep things easy on her Mom and told me that her meal choice started with an ‘H’ – then started to sound it out for me “haaaawww….haaaawwwt” – okay, got it. So Daddy pulled the BBQ out in January and we had a family hot dog party. Here’s a few snaps.

IMG_875520150115_153611For the second year in a row she wanted a pink cake. Who am I to argue with the birthday girl?

IMG_8744IMG_8778Uncles are always good for a laugh.

IMG_8775J doesn’t really know how lucky she is to have Great Grandparents in the picture. Having your children young comes with some pretty cool perks.

IMG_8766Uncles are awesome because they let you put balloon strings up their nose?


IMG_8807Cake’s getting brighter by the year.

IMG_8818IMG_8823And a birthday is not complete unless you lick the candles. Right?

IMG_8832Fast forward to the following morning when J actually turned five…

IMG_8843We decided it was time to get J a little computer. She was pretty much over the moon and so far it’s been a fun learning tool for her. We decided not to let her have internet access and just loaded it up with some fun apps, music and photos. She has playlists that were shared from Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and us of course. Yesterday she was singing You make me feel so young, pretty funny given her age.

20150118_083555I am entirely counting on J being able to help me with my techie troubles a couple years down the road.

IMG_8845So far her favourite app seems to be toca band – fun the first eighteen times she played it. Now I have to insist that she wears her earphones when she plays. But I have to admit, it’s pretty entertaining. She’s also having fun making little movies, painting moustaches on pictures of me, and teaching us about all the new things she is learning – like the fact that polar bears have black skin. Somehow I missed that lesson, but it’s true.

20150118_15483720150118_093842I’d still rather that she play outdoors or do something artsy and creative, but we’ve given her some screen time limits and haven’t run into any major problems yet. Let’s hope that’s a trend that carries on.

IMG_8851Skyping with Daddy in the other room. Ha.

Okay, one last little recap of the celebration that happened the following weekend. A week-long celebration feels a little crazy, but J really wanted to have some of her preschool friends over; and our apartment is preeeetty cozy, so it was best to split up the parties. We decided that five friends for a fifth birthday seemed reasonable. Unlike last year’s seventeen kids for a fourth…

IMG_8858Preparing some goodie bags for her friends a few nights before the party.  I was super impressed with how she organized everything and knew exactly what colour she wanted each friend to have, what cookie cutter, what candy. It was fun to listen to the thought process.

IMG_8863Sweetest little friends.

IMG_8860Once all the little friends arrived we gathered around the table to make birthday party hats. The kids loved customizing their own hats and it was a great way to keep them entertained for a bit (also, mess was contained to one area…so you know that made me happy!)  After hats were done we put them aside to dry and geared up for a rainy walk down the street for a slice of pizza. I was kind of surprised at how well the kids did at getting ready to roll: I imagined this part being a bit crazy with all the boots and scarves, coats, and umbrellas, but somehow it all went pretty smoothly.

20150124_12134920150124_125447IMG_8884After the kids were done with their lunches we splashed our way home for cupcakes.

20150124_095020I figured that I would save myself some work and let the kiddos decorate their own cupcakes. Initially I thought I’d let them do the frosting, but quickly vetoed that idea…



IMG_8901Love that little five year old face!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IMG_8904IMG_8895After we were done with cupcakes the kids had a little play session in J’s room (it’s amazing how quickly every single toy can be pulled out) then we lined the kids up at the chalkboard wall, traced their silhouettes and let them colour in their clothes, faces and hair – fun to see the little artists at work.

IMG_8934By 2:15 parents had collected their little ones and somehow our apartment did not look like a bomb went off. Go figure. It was a fun day and a great start to being five!

p.s. A look back at four, three, two and one – sniff.


2 thoughts on “Five

  1. Connie, i just love your blogs. So nice to get a peek into your life, we miss you guys in Kelowna…reading this keeps me feeling connected to you and your cuter than cute famiily.

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