Pink Marshmallows

IMG_8995IMG_8991IMG_8975I can’t say I’ve ever had a marshmallow craving. And I’m not sure what inspired me to make these (pregnancy?), but since it’s February, we naturally wanted to make them pink. I’d really like to tell you how hard I worked to make these little pink pillows, but honestly, it was one of the easier things I’ve ever made, and pretty fun, too!

IMG_8977IMG_8982I guess the toughest part was just the cutting them into cubes, but after looking up a few tips, we were on a roll.

IMG_9002This one thought they were pretty delicious and we’re thinking that with all the rain in the forecast that we’ll be simmering some hot cocoa tomorrow and dunking in pink marshmallows. To quote from one of J’s favourite book characters (Fancy Nancy) – Double yum!

IMG_9003IMG_9012Dusting off those sugary fingers.

IMG_9020Don’t you think these would be perfect at a baby girl shower? Or making a few different colours and handing them out instead of goodie bags at a kids’ birthday party. Or just eating all of them yourself?!

I used this recipe and modified it a bit by adding 5 or 6 drops of food colouring to make them pink. Also, stole a few tips from some other sites, like using a pizza cutter to make the squares, adding a little cornstarch to the powdered sugar, and next time I’ll be sure to spray some baking spray on the bottom of the pan (or use parchment paper) as many other recipes suggest. Having a candy thermometer is crucial so if you don’t have one, it’s worth grabbing at a kitchen supplies store – not expensive and comes in handy for caramels and other fun things.

IMG_8998I almost forgot the best part – these require no baking. You just whip them up and let them sit on your table overnight until they firm up. They will last in an airtight container for up to ten days. But I hunch these will not last even half that long…haha.

Happy February! And p.s. last year’s Valentine’s treat.

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