Baking in the third trimester

IMG_9056So we’re literally on the home stretch over here, stretch being the operative word! Baby’s (Pee Wee) due date is fast approaching, and with a self-imposed, but still somewhat crucial, to-do list on my brain, I’d like to start ticking things off the list. But then wants are sometimes trumped by what our body will actually allow, and these days my body seems to want nothing more than to lay on the couch – tough to do for a person who likes to be on the move. Of course every day is different, and some days I have tons of energy and feel ready to tackle all sorts of things, but the other day was not one of them. Practice contractions and light-headedness was the theme of the day and I was actually convinced that this baby was going to make an early appearance. But you can only hang out on a couch so long with a five year old on the scene, so we got down to the business of making something tasty so that we would not drive each other too crazy in this little apartment. I’ve had this old-fashioned blueberry crumb cake on my craving list since last summer when a friend made it for her little girl’s first birthday. It’s super moist and has just the right amount of sweet. J probably would have been happy just to eat the streusel but we held off and made the cake. It was pretty easy and we’ll be keeping this one in rotation for sure.

IMG_9037IMG_9041IMG_9045 J was so focused on her job that she was doing cute little concentration things with her lips…


Here’s the link to the recipe if you’d like to try it. Make sure you butter the pan generously and let the cake cool completely on a rack before your try to remove it. A springform pan isn’t suggested in the recipe but it might make life a bit easier next time around.

p.s. the first picture of the post is pretty much what my belly looks like right now. I am not sure how my body is going to keep growing for a further 7 weeks (I don’t think I have enough skin left!) but assuming this baby is happy on the inside for the next month and a bit, there might be one or two more baking posts.



2 thoughts on “Baking in the third trimester

  1. Now you’ve done it! I’ve got a sweet craving going on now Connie 😉 That looks delicious. I don’t blame you for wanting to chill out, you’re impressive for baking that fabulous crumb cake!
    ps. I’m glad PeeWee didn’t make an early appearance, you’ll just keep baking up a storm inside!

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