Hunting for ‘Wabbits’ and Easter Eggs

IMG_9214IMG_9215IMG_9217What better day to go ‘wabbit’ hunting than on Easter Sunday? We couldn’t think of one so we hopped (yup) in the car after breakfast and drove over to Jericho Park. We weren’t the only family with little ones who thought that might be a good idea, but it wasn’t too crazy. We lucked out with a friendly bunny right away and from there on in J was on a mission to find and feed bunnies. She quickly realized that patience and slow movements was the ticket to feeding bunnies and she even managed to feed two itty bitty baby bunnies.

IMG_9228IMG_9227Pointing at her brother or sister who is due to make an appearance any day now!

IMG_9250Later in the afternoon we strolled to Stanley park to see if the bunny left any eggs. Go figure, he did. J was just a little bit excited.



IMG_9236IMG_9243IMG_9255I asked my sister to take a family photo of us three (and Pee Wee) in front of some pretty flowers. But J insisted on standing in front of these trees. And arguing with a five-year old who’s hopped up on sugar is dangerous territory. So we just went with it.

IMG_9256Pretty soon we will be a family of four. For the most part I think J is pretty excited. But there was a moment the other day when she realized that she would be sharing her room with Pee Wee and I think it took her by surprise. She quickly told me that she could just close her door so Pee Wee couldn’t get in. Things are about to get entertaining.

Here’s a look back at a few Easter posts – HEREHERE, HERE. And Pee Wee, you will be too big next year for me to do this awful thing to you – J, I’m sorry, this was even pre-Pinterest days…what is it about putting a baby in a basket? Poor kid!

JCS March and April 073


5 thoughts on “Hunting for ‘Wabbits’ and Easter Eggs

  1. Great pics Connie! J will likely even forgive you for the “in the basket” earlier shot!!
    It will be interesting when the reality of peewee’s permanent belonging in the family and home sinks in … I remember some pretty interesting comments from Henry the second day and he’s (generally speaking!) pretty connected to his brother now!!!

  2. This is a super post… no evidence of “pregnancy brain” here… You captured it , both in the photos and the comments!

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