A Sister!


On April 27th at 11:18  p.m. we welcomed a healthy, beautiful, 8 pound baby girl! She is loved beyond words and has made for one very proud, very happy big sister. Seeing J meet her new little sister (whose name also starts with a J – so I guess we’ll have to call her ‘baby J’ until I think of something better) put a big-happy lump in my throat and was one of the greatest gifts of motherhood to-date. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow over the years and hope that they are the best of friends. Sisters are pretty fantastic and I am so thrilled that J and baby J have each other to share this life with.

The past four weeks have whizzed by in a bit of a blur, but we are getting the hang of the newborn grind after a 5 year hiatus. We are tired for sure: getting woken up every two or three hours is never all that fun, and I am sort of dying for a five-hour stretch of sleep (!), but now that we’ve reached the smiling stage it’s those gummy grins that make those wake up calls so worthwhile. And being surrounded by family this time around has been amazing and I’m feeling a little bit spoiled. Plus I am lucky to have a little helper around who is always eager to grab a burp cloth or diaper, open a door, or just make funny faces and happy noises for her little sister – I should mention that she also enjoys poking her baby sister’s chubby cheeks, putting stickers on her face and leaving sticky lollipop kisses on her head. So far though, baby J doesn’t seem to mind all this extra ‘love’ and I am sure that these two girls will be a constant source of entertainment in the months and years to come.

I think I have zillion pictures of the cuteness of the past month and I hope to share some of them in this space. But first…sleep.


One thought on “A Sister!

  1. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!…How precious….& I’m very thankful for this last post, as I’m sure you’re super tired!….you might have to change the blog name to He She’s We??? Just a thought, and Constance & I sending nothing but LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!

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