This Newborn Phase

2015-04-30 17.302015-04-30 20.52IMG_94532015-05-08 11.482015-05-06 16.142015-05-04 14.402015-05-08 16.352015-05-12 14.172015-05-12 15.26IMG_9437IMG_9538IMG_9523IMG_9522IMG_9573IMG_9583IMG_9613IMG_9497IMG_9588IMG_9593It’s been just over six weeks since baby J made her way into our world and we are just wild about her. From her little old man do, to the way she shouts “HEY!” when she wants some attention, this good-natured baby has stolen all of our hearts. And even though I know we’re all pretty exhausted as we navigate through this newborn phase again, it’s a good exhausted. This time we were slightly more prepared for the ups and downs of the first few months with a new baby, and there are parts of it that I wish would stay around forever: That sweet newborn smell, teeny tiny kissable feet, and those little toothless grins – it’s all so delicious!

The past couple of weeks has been full of smiles and lots of newborn chatter, it feels like this little one has a lot to say. Maybe it’s something about being a second child – she just knows that she’s going to need to speak up if she’s going to be heard over big sister! And big sister is still pretty smitten with her new little friend, except maybe when she can’t hear Daniel Tiger in the morning over baby screams. And there’s definitely been a learning curve when it comes to not getting all the attention. But I think it’s a good thing and we are doing our best to make her feel special in her new role, she really is doing a great job at being a big sister.

As for me, I have been trying to soak in and appreciate these moments – I now know how quickly they slip away. In the blurry eyed days of our first little girl I remember thinking that the days would last forever and perhaps I was focusing too much on how tired I was, what I was not accomplishing around the house, and the fabulous meals I was not making. This time around I’m trying to just be thankful for these moments and let a lot of things slide in the housekeeping department, dumb down our meals a bit, spend more time tickling little toes, cuddling on the couch, and making silly high pitch baby noises. It will be our last few months together before J heads off to Kindergarten (!) which some days feels like it can’t come soon enough, and on others it makes me the littlest bit sad that our special time at home together is coming to a close. Mostly I just feel lucky and blessed to have another little person to nourish and raise. The love and energy that these little girls bring to our home is truly a gift.



3 thoughts on “This Newborn Phase

  1. ~ Thank you so much for the update of pics & post….I knew it would be on it’s way eventually….what a beautiful new little addition, and the photo’s show true emotion & love between sisters!…..oh, & I ADORE the last pic of you & J! xoxo

  2. We are so in love with your family and I am just happy to see that you get to have at least a moment of shut eye from time to time! xo Cara

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