Three Months Old


Our baby is officially not a newborn anymore, and every single cliché about how time flies keeps running through my head. I think with a second baby that the time disappears even quicker since there is so much more on your to do list and your focus is so divided. And while I welcome this next amazing stage wholeheartedly and can’t wait for the extra sleep (yes, yes, yes!) that will come with it, there’s a little bit of me that is not quite ready to fold up those adorable, tiny clothes for the last time. It’s not that I’m not loving this new smiley, giggly, oh-so-delicious chunky baby stage (it’s the best!), but I might just let those little onesies live in the dresser for just a few more days, because I’m a bit sappy like that. Why do babies have to grow so fast?

So enough with the mushy mama stuff. Here’s a few things that’s happening with this little three-month old girl

  1. She can roll from her tummy to her back – she’s not a huge fan of tummy time, so she figured that one out a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Those gummy grins have turned into belly laughs and delightful squeals. Peek-a-boo finally landed the other day, and I am officially the funniest person on the planet. Here’s hoping she will always get a kick out of me.
  3. Daddy exists. I am still number one (woop!) but Daddy is getting some loving these days, too. Finally.
  4. Car rides? Not so much – Unless I am sandwiched between two car seats – which, let me tell you, is not super comfortable. But that’s how we rolled for many, many hours on a recent road trip (which went surprising well) Turns out, baby J doesn’t hate car rides, as long as I am her sidekick. So that’s cool.
  5. I think someone is teething. Drool city and all those other little signs that go along with it. J had two teeth in by three months so it’s not entirely out of the question. Stay tuned.
  6. Bath time is THE BEST! This baby loves water and it’s making her mama very happy. We may or may not have struggles at bath-time with another cute family member.
  7. Larry hairs are all but gone. Let me explain: Baby J was born with some long hairs near the top of her head. A few surly expressions and a do that was very much like a comb over and, boom, her father nicknamed her Larry – poor kid. Allow me to get sappy again for a moment and just say that I will miss those little hairs.

I am hoping to keep these monthly photos going until baby J’s first birthday, it’s pretty wild how quickly little people grow. Here’s a look back at baby J’s two month photos. 


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