Road Trip – part one

A couple of weeks ago, we piled our family of four into the car and hit the road. Our first stop was Veranda beach in Oroville to visit with friends. Here’s a few photos.

IMG_0404These two played famously together – adults were not allowed anywhere near this duo…

IMG_0389IMG_0351but sometimes, little brother was included in the fun…

IMG_0454 ha! isn’t he cute?!

IMG_0347Baby J took her first dip in the lake and loved it! Also, only babies can make ankle rolls look fabulous.

IMG_0360 Baby J telling jokes.

IMG_0338Little sandy toes and a sweet sunsuit.

IMG_0359IMG_0339IMG_0364Beach snacks.

IMG_0334My babies and me. J always asks me why I still call her a baby when she’s a “big girl” – she’ll get it one day 🙂


IMG_0350Stressed out.

IMG_0372Bathed, in jammies, and running barefoot.


IMG_0367I sense an inside joke here.

IMG_0444Matching hair cuts.

IMG_0409IMG_0417Can we eat like this every night, please? Even though we had screaming kids in the background it felt pretty civilized.


IMG_0446Proud daddy moments.

IMG_0437Bouncy castle time before the storm rolled in.

IMG_0440IMG_0431IMG_0397The girls picked some fresh tomatoes then promptly took them to the bathroom and washed them with hand soap. So they were super clean!

IMG_0394The sweetest two-year-old tomato face I ever did see!

IMG_0428IMG_0425Poolside rootbeer floats and caesars make for a pretty good start to the day.

IMG_0423As do poolside naps.

IMG_0418IMG_0463This lady took a family picture for us – I love it, thank you, Madame Cartier!


IMG_0429See those little toes poking out? I am in love!


That’s a wrap. Next stop, a log house in the Christian Valley!

Oh, and here’s the link to last year’s Veranda Beach trip. 


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