Road Trip – part two


Part two of our road trip took us to the Christian Valley where we stayed in a neat log house on the Kettle River (we sure hope that this beautiful place survived the recent fires!) When we pulled up, we were immediately welcomed by two friendly horses (Puff and Moose) and three babies birds, nested in a wreath near the front door.

IMG_0514 See their little heads popping out?

IMG_0526I don’t know what it is about clothes lines, but I love them. So I had to hang a few little burp cloths up there 🙂

IMG_0671 I spy… a Daddy with his two girls, heading down to the river.


IMG_0537 Woo hoo! Someone was pretty excited

IMG_0521IMG_0518IMG_0525IMG_0674J told me that she wanted a Quesadilla – without the cheese. That’s like asking for a Margarita without the lime – It simply can’t be done.


This little chicken was good as gold during our trip. She travelled well and slept well. Don’t ask me about sleep this week, though…we are going through a rough patch – which is why it took me a million years to post these photos.


Oink. We took a couple of trips down the road to the Old Cowboy Ranch and hung out with some farm animals.

IMG_0558IMG_0698IMG_0546 Okay, awwww! Look at that little face.

IMG_0561IMG_0566IMG_0562IMG_0545IMG_0572 And on this farm there was a…sassy five year old!




There’s J down by the river. We had some lunch, baby J napped, Daddy tried to convince J to go in the freezing cold river (yah, no) and I got some time to read this book. 

20150728_144206 20150728_153341IMG_059520150728_123539 20150728_151018IMG_0608 The lollipop eater and the tree gazer.


So, that was fun. Pack up the car – next stop – Kelowna!


2 thoughts on “Road Trip – part two

  1. Are you still in Kelowna chica?? 250 470-9500 I’d love to see you guys & the little kiddo’s…even for an hour! 🙂

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