Road Trip – part three

Here’s the last of our road trip pics. And it only took me a month to post them. Ha! I swear, one of these days I’ll start sleeping through the night again and I’ll be a new woman 🙂

20150730_174553Heading back to Kelowna, the city where we lived for over a decade, meant catching up with old friends, hanging out on familiar beaches, and watching our kids play with our friend’s kids. So funny, because when we moved away all our little ones were babies. Now they are playing house, telling secrets, and just generally being mischievous and adorable all at the same time.

20150730_20393420150730_214750Strolling the  downtown streets way past bedtime. J was having so much fun – I tried to get a video of it and then dropped and smashed my phone…white wine had nothing to do with it…but my husband might tell you otherwise.


IMG_0748We dipped J’s toes in the lake at this very beach when she was just six months old.

20150730_151948Lately it’s been tough to get a picture without some serious posing going on. It’s that five going on fifteen thing.

IMG_20150729_134954I think that after the Vancouver heat wave, baby J was happy to chill in some AC for a few days 🙂 I was right there with her!

20150729_144214And she took a dip in the pool too!

20150731_122229 Kal lake is the prettiest, I can never get over how turquoise the water is.

IMG_0799IMG_0801IMG_0804 Yep, they are all mine!


IMG_0784IMG_0788IMG_0830Three little ladies fishing in the (almost) dark.

IMG_0831IMG_0836 Okay, so that about covers it. We were on our way home the following morning, and by some miracle, we made it through the entire trip with less than ten minutes of crying. Of course, now that we are back in the city I have yet to have one single successful car trip. Go figure. I guess baby J just knows that road trips are awesome.


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