Four Months Old


Four months, little baby J! You are so alert, so strong and so smart, and you make me laugh about fifty times a day. Until you won’t sleep, then I’m not laughing so much, but you are just so sweet that I forgive you. Here’s a bit about you at four months:

You roll over from your back to your front. Then you get stuck and frustrated and complain until someone comes and rolls your onto your back.

You have been practicing baby crunches this week. Are you working on a six pack? Let’s do it together!

You love to chew on your little sausage toes. I think it’s pretty sweet, and if they were my toes, I would chew them too.

You continue to drool like crazy – we thought teeth were coming. Maybe you are just really hungry – don’t worry, your sister and I have big plans to make you some delicious food in a few weeks time. Hang in there.

I know it’s probably just a coincidence, but when you like something, like, say nursing, you say “uh huh” and when you don’t like something, like, say naptime, you say “uh uh.” It totally cracks me up.

You are starting to blow a lot of bubbles and are saying things like “ah boo” and squeal with delight – you really want to talk. But you need to speak up if you’re to be heard over your big sister.

You are determined. In order to go places, you’ve been moving yourself backwards by bending your legs and pushing with your feet. At bedtime, I always start you out on the other side of the bed (yes, we do some co-sleeping), and by morning you have somehow inched your way over to me.

You were a really great sleeper as a newborn. You were doing big long night time stretches for me. Lately you have decided that we need to hang out more often in the wee hours of the morning. I really love your company too, but if we could see less of each other between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 I would be totally okay with that. We can catch up over breakfast.

You love your sister. She and you have this special connection and some inside jokes going on. I mean, she really tickles your funny bone and can make you belly laugh. You are also the tiniest bit scared of her sometimes. I know, she can be a bit loud and crazy, but she really means well.

Bath time is the best time. You are a slippery, wiggly, smiling little baby when in the tub. It’s pretty much my favourite time of the day with you because you are just pure joy.

You smile at everyone. I mean, everyone. People are always saying “what a happy baby” – and you should be, you are so loved. Happy four months, little one. xo

p.s. Three months and Two months.


3 thoughts on “Four Months Old

  1. Dad said “Oh I am all blurry eyed” and ” Oh my gosh she is a good writer!” I know I always say it but that came directly from your Dad, and of course, I agree.

  2. Seriously cute, I would nibble those toes too!!! Connie, I love your ‘story’ here, are so good at painting a picture!
    Keep up the fabulous mothering of this little angel 🙂

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