Goodbye Summer


Is it really fall in just a couple of days?! This summer goes down as the fastest summer. Ever. It really feels like a blur – likely because we welcomed baby J at the end of April and, well, life has been busy. And while it’s always a little bit of a bummer to say goodbye to all that warm sunshine and laid back days (as laid back as you can be as a parent, I mean, who am I kidding), it’s no secret that I love fall and all the things that come along with it. Namely: hearty soups, shorter days, cozy nights, the return to routines, and new beginnings. I am a bit geeky that way.

Here’s a few pics of our last beach day. We packed up the car, picked up Grandma, and set up shop at Spanish Banks for the afternoon. A nice cap to the end of a pretty fantastic (albeit sleep deprived) summer.


Goodbye summer! And goodbye to any more photos of baby J laying peacefully on a sandy beach. Next summer is going to be an entirely different story! Ha.


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