Five Months Old


Here you are, baby J, just five months old. You are really taking it all in these days, trying to figure out the world around you, still happy to smile at most faces, and as sweet as the day is long. Here’s a few more things that will be fun to remember down the road:

You are a mama’s girl. I don’t know that your sister was quite as much so. You really (really!) like to keep a close eye on me. Or even better, your hands in my eyes, on my face, pulling at my nose, hair – you get the idea. It’s okay, I know it won’t last forever, so I’m here for you.

That hair continues to grow and I just love it! One of the best parts of my day is when you are cuddling down, almost asleep, and I get to rub my cheek against that soft, sweet-smelling head. I’m sure all mothers like to do that, it’s wonderful.

The biggest news? You are crawling. Or something like crawling. Mostly you move your back legs while your arms drag you where you want to go – which is everywhere! Somehow you missed the memo about the ‘golden age’ – you know, the part of babyhood where you are just supposed to stay where your mother puts you down. Yep, whizzed right past that. Congrats. I guess.

The jolly jumper is the coolest. You love it so much, and now when I ask you if you’d “like to go in your jumper,” you get visibly excited. Air time is totally your thing: the higher the better! I wonder if this will be a theme that will continue as you get older? Maybe we’ll get you a trampoline?

You now say “da da” – and speaking of that guy, you love to touch his scratchy face. And the clicking noises he makes makes you giggle and smile every time.

Okay, you are wonderful and we do love you a lot. But you must work on something for me. Sleeping, it’s not your best skill. We are working on it like crazy, trying to stick with good routines (bath, books, song, snuggles, white noise etc…) but you reeeeally just want me to sleep with you. And I am super tired, but a 7:00 bedtime doesn’t suit me, okay? I am sure by your 6 month post I’ll be giving you an A+ in the sleeping department (right?)

You are sociable. So much so that I can’t nurse you while other people are around, especially your super entertaining big sister, who you can’t help but crane your next to see whenever you hear her little voice. You just smile and babble and all the milk runs out of the corners of your mouth, which, I must admit, is a wee bit endearing.

You finally figured out how to roll from your front to your back a few weeks after my four-month post. Thumbs up!

No teeth yet but you still chew on anything you can get your hands on. Also, we delayed giving you real food (doctor’s orders, sorry!) but a couple more weeks and we’ll give it a go.

As always, here’s a few (too many?) photos.


IMG_1075IMG_1076See that little red mark on the tip of your big toe? That’s how much you love to chew them!

IMG_1063She said WHAT?!

IMG_1074IMG_1092IMG_1046Remember when I mentioned that you like to do sit ups? This is what it looks like. You have better abs than me already, haha.


My goodness, I think you are sweet. And even though I am sleep deprived, it’s your happy smiles and sounds that fuel my days – that, your sister’s hugs, and a couple cups of strong coffee.


p.s. Here you are at two months, three months and four months – you have changed so much!


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