Six Months Old

IMG_1269Half a year! Noooooo! How is this happening so fast? I mean, I couldn’t linger in the early months forever, they would probably be the end of me with the lack of sleep and all, but common! Six months. I looked back at your earliest of days when you were fresh home from the hospital and I don’t even recognize you – you have changed so much and the things you can do in just six months really blows my mind. Here’s what’s new:

You are eating. Like, REAL food and we are all pretty excited about this. Your big sister loves to help feed you and you are so trusting and enthusiastic. So far you have tried brown rice formula, pears, apples, bananas (not your fave), steamed carrots, oatmeal puree and roasted yams (your fave!) I have a thing for making my own baby food so the freezer is filling up with little homemade cubes. And since you are just so young and fresh, you are the only member in our family who is getting straight up organic fruits & veggies – so enjoy! We might go broke trying to keep up this gig.

Keeping you still has become a bit of a challenge – you are a wiggle worm and the way that you flap your little arms makes me wonder if you might take flight one of these days. I think you will be a natural at snow angels come Christmas!

You recently started making a sound that goes something like this – “Oooooooo yaaaaa” which happens at funny moments, like when you get your hands on a tag that you’ve been eyeing up, or when you take a break from nursing. It’s pretty cute.

IMG_1249IMG_1242Just last week we moved you out of the big bed to your own crib. You don’t loooooove it but since you can move so well now it was not safe to keep you on the bed any longer. Plus, I think your father wants his spot back…


We are sleep training. Boooooooo. It really is the worst. I know we did it with your sister, but we were in a big house and I could escape some of the protest crying. Small apartment + sleep training = bad combo, plus we are not winning any bonus points with the neighbours.  But things are looking up. You seem to welcome sleep easier than before and on a few occasions have gone to sleep without protest. Nap duration continues to be my biggest frustration – they are more like ‘snaps,’ little bursts of sleep that last 25 minutes or 40 if I am lucky! Very occasionally you will nap longer, but it’s always unknown when and if that will happen. Fingers are crossed that we will turn a corner with better naps soon – but I swear it’s as if every garbage truck, weed wacker, small dog and car alarm team up simultaneously at naptime to thwart my efforts. Next local newspaper headline might very well read: angry mom in mismatched pajamas eggs garbage truck (sigh.) Raising a baby in the city certainly has its challenges. The white noise app has been working overtime.

You and your sister continue to entertain me to no end. The other day I was in the kitchen and you started to worm your way over to find me. I was pretty impressed by how quickly you made it around the corner. Then just moments later I heard you in your sister’s room. Like, impossibly quick. When I went to see what was happening, both you girls looked at me with this funny smirk. When I asked your sister how it was that you made it into the bedroom so quickly, she answered honestly, “I dragged her by her arms.” You were not bothered even the littlest bit.

IMG_1268TEETH! YOU HAVE TWO TEETH! I nearly forgot! Your lower central incisors erupted mid-October – one after another  – which explains why I thought you were systematically trying to kill me with sleepless nights. They are so cute and you were most cooperative this afternoon when I asked you to “show me your teeth!” Thanks!

IMG_1274You can nearly sit up from laying flat on your back. It looks kind of like an awkward leisure pose, like “hey, I’m super relaxed right now… but not really.”

IMG_1265I guess the amazing part about you being six months old is that you just get sweeter with each passing day. Your goofy smile makes my heart happy. You laugh at nearly anything, you are easygoing and inquisitive, and, for the most part, only cry when you reeeeeeally don’t want to sleep.

IMG_1255IMG_1246IMG_1253IMG_1260Did I mention you like to chew on things? You don’t discriminate, even your own underpants will do.

IMG_1280You are the perfect number two baby. I know, I know, number two doesn’t sound so great, but it is, it really is! I know more now – I think maybe I am better at this mom thing this time around? Your poor sister had to put up with a lot of rookie stuff. So enjoy!


p.s. Five monthsFour monthsThree monthsTwo Months 

Oh, and let’s take a quick look back at your sweet sister when she was six months old.


4 thoughts on “Six Months Old

  1. Great write up Connie!! You were so good with Julia so I’m not surprised you’re even better now with number 2! Her teeth display photo just cracks me up! I’m so excited to see her again 🙂 Snow angels should be a blast up in Terrace for Christmas 🙂 xo xo

  2. Great post as usual. I also love that teeth display photo. It is too funny. She is definitely a character and we look forward to our time with you, Colin and your two lovely girls at Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed for making snow angels at Christmas. It is certainly not a given that there will be snow in Terrace. There is about a 50-50 chance whether there will be a while Christmas, according to the stats. However, we can always go up Shames Mountain to find some.

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