Seven Months

IMG_6626Oh, little seven month old, you are a busy girl, so curious and full of life. Here’s this month’s update…

You are into EVERYTHING. A ‘going concern’ as my Nana might have said. You see something that you want to investigate (read: eat) and kick it into baby high gear until you get where you want to go. Things that really tickle your fancy: shoes, electrical sockets (like every baby in history), the vacuum cord, the recycling area, and people’s toes. Christmas tree, you don’t stand a chance this year!

IMG_6630If there’s such thing as a ‘happy gene,’ then baby, you got it. You have a twinkle in your eye and a good natured, easy going personality. I keep wondering about the nature/nurture thing and I am pretty sure that this is just who you are. A happy kid! I was talking to a mom friend of mine the other day and she said something cute that I must steal from her. Something like, babies are born, and we as parents are just around to put on the ‘finishing touches’ – I thought that was such a neat way to look at it. So, with that in mind, I’ll do my best with those finishing touches. 

IMG_6643IMG_6588You started sitting up at around six and a half months and just look pleased as punch when you do it! Also, now you and your sister can have a bath together, something I’ve been looking forward to for so long. *Insert heart-eyed emoji here *

IMG_6650Okay, this is my favourite new thing – the other day I went to run your bath and called to let you know it was “bathtime!” at which point you came creeping down the hallway as fast as you possibly could (and only stopped once to nibble on a dirty shoe), shrieking happy noises the entire way. So. Cute.

Solids are going well and we started giving you finger foods last week. Those fat little fingers work surprisingly well and you quite enjoy feeding yourself – which is messy, but also convenient when I am trying to get your sister ready for school. Things that you seem to like: toast, banana and avocado cubes, steamed carrot and apples, and your fave, (I don’t know what they put in those things but you are nuts about them!) baby rice crackers.

Sounds that you make: “Yaa Yaa Yaaaa…AH, Yaaaa” – did you learn that from your big sister? Also, when you get excited you make this strange, wheezy, inhaling noise, just like your sister did when she was a baby. Recently, you started making this noise that I like to call ‘disgruntled baby’ – it sounds a bit like this, “uhn gui, uhn guiiiiii” – but now that I type it out, it almost sounds like it could be ‘hungry, hungry’ – are you hungry?! I hope not, you eat pretty much non-stop. Anyhow, you are getting chatty and we are loving it.

Those teeth! You are working them, and not always in a welcome kind of way. Biting mama has been a thing lately and is not my favourite. Let’s move past this, okay?

IMG_6648Sleep. It’s been hit and miss. We did sleep train last month (sorry neighbours!), and things were really going well. You’d sleep from around 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. with a feed at 11:00 ish and 5:00 ish. And I was so okay with that. Then you got sick. Then you had immunizations. And now it feels as if we might need to sleep train again. As with all things parenting, just when you think you are on top of things, the game changes. But you do nap nicely most days, and you seem to understand that we all sleep just a little bit longer on Saturdays and Sundays. Or maybe it’s just the absence of those pesky garbage trucks, whatever, keep it up!

IMG_6649So back to the immunization thing: It did really mess things up for a few days. But you were so brave, no tears, and you smiled at the receptionist on our way out.  You really do roll with the punches.

IMG_6616You have nearly doubled your birth weight and are tipping the scales at a whopping 15 pounds and 2 ounces. Well, that was a week ago, so perhaps you are a wee bit more now. You are certainly not the biggest baby on the block, but you are strong and determined, a little powerhouse.

In other news, Daddy has reached popular status lately. When you hear him come through the door after work you squeal with excitement, because you can’t run down the hallway like your sister, but you light up when you see him and it’s the sweetest.


Lastly, here’s what we do each night before bed. Bathtime, of course, (because you are a water baby through and through) then we do two or three baby books and sometimes your sister joins in or even reads to you. Then it’s lights out, Goodnight Moon in the dark (I did this with your sister too), a couple of songs and some cuddles. The songs on repeat seem to be You are my Sunshine, Take me home, Country Roads and Somewhere over the Rainbow. Occasionally, I toss a little Redemption Song or Sweet Child O’ Mine, just to keep you guessing and to make me feel a little bit cooler. Thank you for not making fun of my singing.

Happy seven months, Baby J – we are crazy about you!

~ xo


p.s. Six months, Five months, Four months, Three months, Two months.


2 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. Great message to baby J 🙂 You had me laughing & tearing up this time Connie. I love hearing everyone of these details!! She is such a character & you are definitely putting awesome finishing touches on her. You’re singing is great & comes from a place of love so she’s smitten with you!
    Count down to baby town!! See you guys in 8 days 🙂
    Xo xo

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