Eight Months Old

Well, baby J, you are eight months and one week old. You’ve seen your first Christmas, your first bit of snow, and tackled your first doozie of a cold – which is why this post is late (FYI) – we haven’t been getting much sleep over here, but I think things are finally turning around. Here’s some other fun things that have happened lately…


You love to wave! Good morning waves to your sister, your daddy and me are an everyday occurrence. It’s super cute and I can’t get enough of it.


We are saying goodbye to a few baby items soon: namely, your swing, your bumbo seat, and your jolly jumper. Being restrained makes you right angry, you are a girl on the move. Occasionally I still carry you around in your ergo, but I get the feeling that those days are numbered too, which makes me a tiny bit weepy.


Your army crawls have turned into full-on legitimate crawling and it’s tough to get much of anything done around the apartment these days. If there is something you should not be touching, you’ll find it. We need to do some serious baby proofing.


The other day you decided that you needed to see what was on top of the t.v. stand and pulled yourself right up…then swiftly toppled over. But now that you know that you can do it you are practicing like it’s your job 🙂


Sounds that you are make: “Ah GAH GAH GAAAAAAAAAH!” – no clue what it means but you say it to us with such enthusiasm that we respond to you with things like, “reeeeally? you don’t say!” and “I totally agree!” Also, I am convinced that you are trying to say your big sister’s name – it sounds like this “OOO GUI gAh” – I might be totally wrong, but I don’t think so. Also, a cute story from the days before Christmas. A group of us was eating roasted hotdogs around the fire in Nana & Grandpa’s backyard (in the snow), we were all on our second hotdog and you’d been closely observing the entire meal when you suddenly shouted as loud as you could “UHN GUI!” -It was pretty clear that you were saying “hungry,” so I quickly went inside and grabbed you a bowl of oatmeal, which you ate happily around the fire. I mean, it was no hotdog with caramelized onions, but still, your first meal around the fire pit, so that’s pretty cool.


Let chat about food. You love cheese! Did I mention that in a previous post? You will choose cheese over any other food, so we’ve stocked up on mozzarella which you will literally shout for. You also love kiwi fruit, blueberries, and recently lentils are a hit. I have yet to introduce meat but might try that in the coming weeks.


And in the sleep department… Naps are predictably pretty good. 9:00 and 1:00 is what we shoot for and you go to sleep easily most days. What’s even nicer is that you will occasionally wake up in your crib and play happily, chatting to yourself for a few minutes before you let me know you are ready to come out. I just love hearing those happy baby sounds coming from the room. As far as nighttime sleep goes, everything was out of sorts last month. From traveling to being sick, I tossed out all previous routines and just spent a lot of time cuddling you. You were so stuffed up and being upright in my arms was the only way you’d sleep comfortably on many nights, so that’s what we did. I hope you did not get too used to our new “routine” or we may need a refresher course in the sleep training.

IMG_7269I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much you love your big sister (and she loves you!) – because your eyes just light up when you see her, you two have something pretty special going on. She looks out for you, always keeps her eyes peeled for things you might put in your mouth (everything!), makes sure you don’t chew on shoes, and keeps you far away from her own little toys. Watching you two together is all kinds of sweet!

IMG_7291Lastly, a little note about your personality. You are joyful, you are playful, you are a wee bit mischievous, and your sense of humour is budding. Poking me in the face and seeing me pull back always elicits a giggle from you, and you love to pull my hair. And even when you were sick, you still managed to smile throughout the day. Your eyes were puffy, your nose was runny, you had no appetite and were running a fever…and  you smiled constantly. It was a little reminder to me to keep looking at the bright side of things, like you so clearly do. You amaze me and I could not love you more.


p.s. When you are doing something that you maaaaybe shouldn’t be doing, and get caught, THIS is your mischievous smile. Monkey!


As always, a look at how you’ve grown  – seven months, six months, five months, four months, three months, two months – xo





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